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What is the minimum age requirement?

Most cruise lines/concessionaires require the candidate be 21 years of age as a number of duties on board involve serving/selling alcoholic beverages.

What experience or skills do I need to work on a cruise ship?

All candidates must have at least an intermediate level of fluency of the English language or the level required for the position you apply for.  In general your skills and experience must match the job description of the position you are applying for however customer service experience may be suitable for a number of different positions.

How long is the recruitment process?

It is hard to determine as the process can vary from 4 weeks to 8-12 months depending on the positions available and the candidates availability.  All positions require pre-employment medicals and visas (please see information below) and some positions may require specific certifications which you may need to complete prior to joining the ship. (eg STCW-95 Certificate please see information below).

Who will I be working for?

The cruise line or concessionaire that hires you will be your employer with whom you will sign your Individual Agreement.  Sealand recruitment is an intermediary to assist applicants throughout the recruiting process and is paid by the cruise line/concessionaire for successful applicants.  You ARE NOT required to pay a commission or any fees for submitting an application or placement as per our “No fee policy”.

How long are the contracts for?

This depends on the cruise line/ concessionaire you are working for however generally 6-8 months. After each contract you will have a break. Please note work breaks are generally not paid for so a good idea to put some money aside so you can enjoy your break before your next contract.

What are the hours and how am I paid?

You can expect to work 7 days per week and anywhere between 8-12 hours per day.  There are of course mandatory breaks and some port time off.  It depends again on the cruise line /concessionaire however can be in USD cash/UK pounds or paid into a bank account.   This will be explained in detail at the final interview either by the cruise line/concessionaire representative or your Sealand recruiter.

Do I wear a uniform?

Yes.  The cruise line/concessionaire will supply the uniform on board the ship however uniform size forms are completed prior to joining the ship.  You may be required to bring shoes to match the uniform.

Do I share a cabin?

Generally yes.  Most cabins are small and compact and shared with one other person of the same gender.  Depending on your position and/or ranking you may be assigned your own cabin or share with more than one person.

Do I have to do a medical?

Yes.  All cruise lines/concessionaires require a Medical Exam to be completed prior to embarkation.  If you are offered a position  by the Cruise line/concessionaire we will advise you the Medical you will need to complete and the approved Medical facilities in your Country.

Do I need a visa to work on ships?

Yes. There are many types of visas and depending on your assignment/itinerary we will advise and can assist with the visa process.

Do I need to complete the STCW (The Standards of training, Certificate & Watchkeeping for Seafarers) prior to joining?

Depending on the cruise you may be required to complete it prior to joining the ship.  Generally, if you must complete the course prior to joining you will also have to pay for it however some cruise lines/concessionaire pay the cost upfront.   The course is valid for many years.  This will be discussed with you in detail once you have been offered a position by the cruise line/concessionaire.

Do I get time off when the ship is in port?

Yes!  However how much time off depends on your position on board and your work schedule.

Can we visit the guest areas and in particular the gym?

This again depends on your position on board.  Some positions have “guest privileges and allow you to use facilities at different times including the gym and swimming pool.  Some ships provide a crew gym and crew bar for socialising when you are not working.

Do I get Medical assistance if I get sick on board?

There is a Medical facility on board all ships. You must inform your supervisor/manager if you feel sick and they will arrange medical assistance for you.    You will need to check with the cruise line/concessionaire who employs you to confirm if your medical expenses are covered whilst on board.

Do I get dental coverage?

Again please check with the cruise line/concessionaire who employs you prior to joining to confirm what expenses are covered.


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