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Position Summary:
To provide the best possible service in the designated Bar and Lounge and to ensure that service standards are followed as per Company’s guidelines and Manager’s instructions. Exceeds guest’s expectations of service at all times and constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty to please guests.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
-Punctual at all times and with the correct standard of grooming and uniform when reporting for duty. Follows guidelines set out in the uniform manual.
-Prepares service area with sufficient supply of garnishes, straws, stirrers, etc., and any other items necessary.
-Is fully knowledgeable with all products available on the Bar list and is quick to recommend and answer guests questions.
-Is quick to use beverage suggestions when appropriate and up-sell in an effort to increase revenue.
-Is readily available to be sent to any other Bar which may be busier than the one he is assigned to.
-Is responsible to be vigilant of guests wanting a second drink and is quick to offer and replenish beverages.
-Is attentive to guests needs and is quick to find a place for them to sit.
-Ensures the order is taken correctly and that guests receive what they have ordered in a timely manner.
-Has a good Knowledge of all the drinks on the bar list and a good working knowledge of beverage preparation.
-Is quick to suggest drinks in consideration to the time of day, e.g. coffee drinks, after dinner drinks, etc.
-Ensures Bar and Pantry areas are kept clean in line with the Public Health - PHStandards, even when the Bar Utility is on duty. After service ensures that Bar andPantry areas are left clean and tidy and follows up with deep cleaning on nights previous to PH inspections.
-Has a complete awareness of sanitation and hygiene procedures and practices and follows regulations set out on the Sanitation Manual.
-Works with other Bar Staff as a team, to provide passengers with a friendly and courteous service. Maintain a positive attitude towards colleagues and coworkers.
-Ensures taking over his section is made aware of the current service situation in theLounge or Bar area.
-Is responsible to keep the Bartender and Head Bartender aware of any negative incidents that have occurred in the Bar or Lounge.
-Upholds all company policies in regards to alcohol service and ensures that guests with borderline age are requested identification.
-Assists with loading activities on sea day and port days and when necessary helps with Stores.
-Follows all guidelines and service standards set out in Company manuals and memorandums.
-Responsible to accurately and honestly record working hours on his time card and to submit the time card to the Supervisor on duty
-Performs any additional duties delegated by any member of Bar management and may be called to carry out other duties


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